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Chapter 3: The Canteen

Dear Journal

Things are still unclear here at Centrifico Technologies, although I am now quite certain that my appointment as Assistant Customer Service Analyst is not a mistake despite having no prior work experience (except as a Trainee adventurer and Weaponsmith).

I am however meeting all sorts of interesting and less interesting creatures here. Already Eddie the coffee dwarf and Mr Berkley, my Boss, the imp-creature have shown me much about “corporate life”, which appears to be no more than watching the clock and stealing office supplies. Speaking of which, I’m not sure where my stapler has gone.

One important part of corporate culture appears to be lunch hour in the canteen. From what I have observed it’s where everyone meets in the courtyard armed with plastic trays and cutlery and forms a long line to complain about their jobs.

The meals on offer always sound far more exotic than they taste, from Spanish Paella, to Italian Carbonade, even the occasional Indian Curry. I can’t imagine the Ogre in the hairnet that serves the food has actually travelled to these places, but I can’t imagine it wise to question him, especially while he is armed with that soup ladle.

There definitely appears to be a hierarchical nature to the seating arrangements at the canteen. All the pirate looking guys from the sales department appear to sit together and talk about who owns the fastest car while the sirens from marketing sit and cackle inanely at anyone who walks past their table.

I am currently sitting with the other guys from customer services, but appear to be the only human at my table, I worry that working in the customer services department may result in me mutating into some sort of dwarven creature, addicted to their coffee drink, or worse some imp-like being like my boss, Mr Berkley. I wonder if the sirens are laughing at me…

Everyone at the table quickly finishes their food, despite their objections as to the suspicious origins of the meat and then sits there quietly staring at the clock. It seems strange that while “working” they appear to stare at the clock hoping for time to pass and now during “lunch break” they sit watching the clock hoping for time to stand still.

I am starting to enjoy “lunch break” as a distraction from the constant rush of work, at least I probably would if I had done any work yet.

I still have no idea what it is I do here…


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